About Me

I received Masters in Social Work (MSW) from California State University, Los Angeles, in 2008.  My post-Master internship was done at the Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles (JFSLA) in clinical psychotherapy and case management. While in private practice, I continue working as a full time employee at JFSLA in a capacity of a clinical social worker.  In the course of my work, I treat young and old adults, couples and families, providing psychotherapy, counseling, consultation and case management services employing long-term analytic approach as well as short-term Cognitive-Behavioral and Problem-Solving models.

In private practice, I treat adults in individual or couple’s therapy, employing conceptual framework of how life-span and individual experiences impact and define human interaction and human functioning. My typical clients experience Depression, Low self-esteem and Poor self-image, Anxiety, Fears and Panic Attacks; Loss and Grief, Trauma and PTSD, Life transitions and Adjustments; Relationship/Family conflicts, Divorce and Parenting issues. I counsel adults of all ages who grapple with issues related to caring for children or elderly parents, dealing with relationship conflicts either in marriage and partnership or in family of origin, going through separation or divorce, adjusting to challenging life transitions such as career change, work related problems, relocation, aging and 50+ issues; overcoming traumatic events such as loss and grief, relationship losses and breakups, natural disasters, etc.

Problems my clients experience are unique experiences. When these experiences are pared with the unique characters and needs of my clients, they necessitate either a short-term treatment or a long- term approach. Short-term models usually last anywhere from 6 to 20 sessions. Long-term approach could start as a 6-month treatment and become a life-long process. Whichever the model, I draw upon my clients’ strength and resilience to improve their coping with their current realities. At the same time, I help explore deeper roots for the dysfunction, repairing unhealthy and damaging patterns, helping clients develop more wholesome selves as well as happier lives.

I feel passionate and proud about the work I do. In addition to pride, I feel humbled when clients entrust me with their pain and tribulations and feel privileged to be a part of the difficult road they invite me to walk on towards their healing and happiness.

I encourage you to open yourself up to new possibilities and remember: You Don’t Have Walk Alone!